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We believe that education is an adventure and that the learning experience needs to be fun. When you tour United Beauty College, you’ll notice something different. You’ll experience a positive learning environment everywhere you look. The culture within every UBC campus inspires confidence and success. Our schools are learning communities that provide you with the opportunities to develop essential skills while you explore your talents, passion, and creativity.

United Beauty College’s instructors—we call them “Learning Leaders”—are trained to draw out the artist in you and then prepare you to compete in the real world. Rather than concentrate only on the basic training needed to pass state licensing board exams, United Beauty College provides you with a well-rounded lifestyle education. Our experienced staff is specially trained to help you explore all your creative and professional possibilities. Our talented Learning Leaders provide extensive hands-on and classroom training in the program you choose.

Our basic cosmetology program features design, cutting, coloring, multicultural techniques, makeup, fashion trends, and the art of hairdressing in a three-phase program we call Core, Adaptive, and Creative.

Nail Arts
The Nail Academy Department guides you in mastering the skills, science, and creativity required by the nail enhancement industry, as well as introducing you to ongoing discoveries in the science of hand and foot beauty. As a new professional nail artist and future businessperson, you'll be ready to face the ongoing challenges of keeping up on the trends, science, and products to meet consumers' demands. It's a complex balancing act—one that directly relates to your bottom line. To help you learn, practice, and deliver the latest in nail enhancement advances, the Nail Academy Department features state-of-the-art curriculum, reflecting on the science of hand and foot beauty.

Facial and Skin Care
The Facial and Skin Care offers a dedicated program to become a licensed skin care therapist in a real-life professional environment, allowing future professionals to master their skills at providing insanely great treatments.

The Skin Academy Department utilizes an advanced educational system developed in alliance with The International Dermal Institute. The program is focused on personalized attention to bring a new depth of understanding and knowledge of classical professional techniques like European skin care treatments and speed waxing as well as the emergent technology of cutting edge product ingredients, aromatherapy and total body wellness. The program is designed to promote confidence while in the program to join the tribe of successful skin care therapist upon graduation.